From My Record Collection…

I picked this one up for two reasons: 1) in all the years I’ve flipped through records, I’ve never ever once seen it before, and 2) the cover looks so ridiculously low budget that I just could NOT pass on it.

There are no liner notes, only the track listing, which offers songwriting credits and publisher information, curiously using the German word “verlag” for publisher. Maybe it’s on a German label? No, the address on the back reads Urbana, Illinois. 

So what record label is it? Premore Inc. - but wait - the super, super, tiny print underneath the logo reads, “a subsidiary of Solo Cup Company.”


The Solo Cup Company released records? This I found far too amusing for anyone to completely understand. I was hysterical with laughter.

This is what I keep imagining: Plastic cup sales are low, gentlemen. We’re going to put out a Hall and Oats record. Johnson, your cousin airbrushes T-shirts at the county fair, right? Get him to spray up a cover. How utterly random! Absurd even! A cup company releasing a Hall and Oats record!

The record itself sounds like it was recorded behind a really heavy curtain, though the songs aren’t all that bad. I imagine these were early recordings, demos maybe, that somehow - god knows how - found their way into the hands of a plastic cup company.

Here’s the back cover.

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