Movie Thoughts…

  1. Michel Gondry should make a Little Richard biopic.
  2. The Coen Brothers should adapt Pudd’nhead Wilson.
  3. Someone should make a Donny Hathaway documentary.
  4. Also, a Kinks documentary, before the brothers die.
The best songs don’t get recorded, the best recordings don’t get released, and the best releases don’t get played.
Jim Dickinson
When you try to climb a mountain to prove how big you are, you almost never make it. And even if you do it’s a hollow victory. In order to sustain the victory you have to prove yourself again and again in some other way, and again and again and again, driven forever to fill a false image, haunted by the fear that the image is not true and someone will find out.
Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance